What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is a productivity technique that stimulates people to stay focused and complete a task on period.

This method has a huge effect with a simple effort, here are the steps:

  1. Choose your task
  2. Set a 25-minute timer
  3. Focus on your work
  4. Take a 5-minute break
  5. Move on to the next task or continue with the current one

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When do you need this technique?
  1. If you are a procrastinator (maybe everybody does)
  2. Having lots of work but don’t know where to start
  3. Too many distractions around you
  4. Multitasking person who couldn’t finish one easy task
How to Use Pomodoro with Qubiql
  1. Create the tasks
  2. Select the task’s color
  3. Start your task and stay focused
  4. Get all your tasks done!
Fun Fact About Pomodoro

The Pomodoro technique was founded by a university student in the late 1980s, Francesco Cirillo. Cirillo was struggling to focus on his tasks and complete them. Until he committed to himself to focus in 10 minutes. 

Feeling challenged, he found a Pomodoro (tomato in Italian) shaped kitchen timer. And the Pomodoro technique was born.


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